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24x Sound Level Meter

Designed to make noise measurements with confidence. The 240 Series are an easy to use range of instruments, designed to undertake noise measurements for a variety of applications.

  1. Noise at Work applications
  2. Simple operation
  3. Rugged design
  4. Averaging (Leq & Lavg) models available

Simple and Easy To Use

The 24x Series has a simple user interface using two ‘softkeys’, which represent options displayed at the bottom of the screen.This makes the instrument very easy to use and any setup changes are retained the next time the unit is switched on.

Logging of data for further analysis

In order to quantify how noise varies with time, the CEL-246 logging variant stores 419,000 data points and is also available to store the time history of the noise levels as well as the levels for the overall measurement.

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